Child Abuse: 2 hour course

Child Abuse: 2 hour course


NOTE: This presentation will only meet the 2.0 State requirement for the following users: (1) license renewals in Pennsylvania or (2) transferred licenses to Pennsylvania. This course will not meet the 3.0 State requirement for first-time licensees in PA.

Refunds: Product orders are final and non-refundable after payment is submitted. 

Child abuse awareness is an important social responsibility. For mandated reporters, education on the definition of child abuse, types of child abuse, process of reporting, etc., is necessary to ensure that we are vigilant and ready to address issues, even if just suspected. This program is designed to provide an overview of child abuse based on the most recent Pennsylvania updates to the Child Protective Services Law (most of which took effect December 31, 2014).
In order to successfully complete this education, you must:

  • Watch the entire Video Presentation
  • Complete the Online Case Study Scenarios.
  • Complete the post test and evaluation.


  1. During the presentation, six case studies will be presented. The video will pause for approximately one minute for you to take notes. It is expected that you spend an additional 5 minutes answering questions for each case. 
  2. Submit the Post-Test/Evaluation to PSNA with ALL requested information.
  3. Information requested on the Evaluation is specific to Department of Welfare database requirements. Do not leave anything blank. 
  4. After completion of the course, PSNA will upload your information to the appropriate State Board within 48-72 business hours.
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Product Description

NOTE: This course will not meet the education requirement for first-time licensees in PA.

This presentation is a State-approved self-study online module for mandated reporters who are (1) already licensed in Pennsylvania or (2) transferring a license to Pennsylvania. The study is a recorded presentation followed by a case study analysis. Participants will review the Title 23 Law and complete a post-test. This education awards 2.0 Continuing Nursing Education Contact Hours for the following educational structure:


NOTE: This course will not meet the education requirement for first-time licensees in PA.

Education Presentation: The recorded presentation follows the content in the Educational Guide.